The wallet that works best with CabbageSwap

Step 1: You need to install Metamask

It is friendly on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave browsers and also on iOS/Android.

  1. Open your chrome and access:

  2. Click on Install MetaMask for Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Brave. You will be directed to the Web Store.

  1. Click โ€œAdd to Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Braveโ€.

  2. On the pop up, click โ€œAdd extensionโ€.

After adding MetaMask Extension, MetaMask will automatically open. You can also make sure it's easily accessible in your toolbar by clicking the jigsaw icon in the top-right of the screen, and hitting the pin icon.

Step 2: Import or create new a wallet

Create new a wallet or import one, be sure to store your keyphrase safely

Step 3: Set Ancient8 network

There are three ways to connect MetaMask to a remote Ancient8 proxy.

Option A:

This is simplest way. However, this option only appears if you have no existing Ancient8 network in your wallet. Otherwise, you will be asked to switch network instead.

Follow the steps below to add a new network (e.g., Ancient8) right from our site.

Option B: Automatic Setup with

Go to Chainlist and search "Ancient8"

Select button "Connect wallet" the chain you want to connect + "Ancient8 Mainnet" => for Mainnet

+ or "Ancient8 Testnet" => for Testnet

Click "Connect" > "Approve" to add chain.

Switch to new chain.

Option C: Manual Configuration

Follow these steps:

Ancient8 network information:

  • Ancient8 Mainnet

    • Network Name: Ancient8 Mainnet

    • New RPC URL: update later

    • ChainID: update later

    • Symbol: ETH

    • Explorer: update later

    • Gas fees on Ancient8 will be paid in ETH.

  • Ancient8 Devnet

    • Network Name: Ancient8 Testnet

    • New RPC URL:

    • ChainID: 2863311531

    • Symbol: ETH

    • Explorer:

    • Gas fees on Ancient8 will be paid in ETH.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to CabbageSwap

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