How to add LP

Getting set up to add LP

Before adding LP, you need to set up your wallet and connect it to CabbageSwap, you also need:

  • Some ETH for gas fee.

  • Tokens to add LP.

Learn how to do that here

If you want to buys token to add LP, learn here

Add LP on CabbageSwap

  1. Unlock your wallet and connect to the app (by clicking Connect wallet button)

  2. Clicking "Add Liquidity" button to add LP or if the new pair, clicking "Create a pair" button

  1. Select 2 tokens you’d like to add liquidity.

  1. Input an amount for one of the tokens, and the other will be automatically calculated and filled automatically. If there's insufficient balance in either of the tokens, an error will appear, and the button will be disabled. To proceed, kindly enter a reduced amount or use the "MAX" button to input the maximum available value.

If the liquidity is a new pool, the ratio of tokens you add will determine the price of this pool, and your share will be 100%.

  1. Click the "Add" button, and a confirmation popup will appear. Carefully review the details, then click "Confirm Add" to add LP. Your wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction.

If this is your first time making LP tokens with the ingredients, click "Approve" for both tokens. This may take a few seconds to update from your wallet.

  1. The transaction has been submitted on the blockchain after confirming from your wallet. You can now check the transaction on the explorer by clicking the link provided above.

Soon after, you will see your LP Token balance on the liquidity page.

Go to “Swap > Liquidity” on the menu to check and manage your added liquidity. Now you can earn trading fee.

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