How to stake CAB flexible

Getting set up to stake

Before staking with CAB, you need to set up your wallet and connect it to CabbageSwap, you also need:

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How to stake CAB flexible

  1. Unlock your wallet and connect to the app by clicking the "Connect wallet" button.

  2. You need to enable the contract first, Once a contract for the staking is enabled, you can stake it by clicking the "Flexible" button for flexible staking.

If you want to do the fixed-term staking, click on the "Locked" button

  1. A popup will show up, where you can input the desired staking amount and then click the "Confirm" button.

Your wallet will request confirmation for the transaction. To authorize the transaction in your wallet, click "Confirm."

After a brief moment, the window will close, and you will see your updated staked CAB balance in the details.

Your staked CAB is continually earning CAB tokens as rewards. You can add more CAB to stake at any time by clicking the "+" button or unstake it by clicking the "-" button. Each time you add (-) or remove (-) CAB, the CAB reward will be automatically harvested.

Want to convert your flexible staking to fixed-term staking to earn more CAB? Simply click Convert to Lock and choose how long you want to lock your CAB.

You cannot initiate fixed-term staking if you only have a flexible staking.

However, you can convert all your CAB in flexible staking to fixed-term.

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