How to stake CAB fixed-term

Getting set up to stake

Before staking with CAB, you need to set up your wallet and connect it to CabbageSwap, you also need:

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How to stake CAB fixed-term

  1. Unlock your wallet and connect to the app by clicking the "Connect wallet" button.

  2. You need to enable the contract first, Once a contract for the staking is enabled, you can stake it by clicking the "Locked" button for fixed-term staking.

If you want to do the flexible staking, click on the "Flexible" button

  1. A popup will show up, allowing you to input the desired staking amount and lock duration. Afterward, click the "Confirm" button.

It's important to read the summary of your position, including yield, lock duration, and unlock date and time before confirming.

Your wallet will request confirmation for the transaction. To authorize the transaction in your wallet, click "Confirm."

After a brief moment, the window will close, and you will see your updated staked CAB balance in the details.

Your staked CAB is continually earning CAB tokens as rewards. You can add more CAB to stake at any time by clicking the "Add more" button.

CAB rewards will remain locked together with the staked CAB until the staking duration ends.

User can still do a flexible staking while you had a fixed-term staking. So just need to enable the contract and stake CAB flexible. The CAB that you stake flexible here can't convert to fixed-term, it is different from the flexible staking only.

How to extend the lock duration

Altered your decision while the staking lock period is active? No problem. You can always extend your lock duration of the CAB staked by clicking "Extend" and select the duration you wish to include beyond the initial lock duration. The maximum locking duration is 52 weeks.

New extended lock duration = initial lock duration + added duration


A user staked 2,425.59 CAB in fixed-term staking with an initial lock duration of 16 weeks on 24th Feb 2023.

On April 4th, 2023 (6 weeks later, with 10 weeks remaining until the user's CAB unlocks), the user decides to extend their lock duration by 10 weeks.

  1. In the CAB Staking Pool and click Extend.

  2. Choose the duration you wish to extend (10 weeks in this example).

Please be aware that your extended lock duration will be the sum of your initial 16-week lock duration and the additional 10 weeks, resulting in a new lock duration of 26 weeks.

  1. Ensure you are comfortable with the new extended lock duration before clicking Confirm.

    Please note that you can not shorten the locking period nor withdraw your CAB prematurely.

How to add more CAB to your lock

While you are locking your staking on the fixed-term pool, you can still add more CAB to your lock easily. Just click on "Add more"

Enter the amount of CAB that you want to add to your locked balance.

After you enter the amount of CAB, the "Lock overview" will update for your position. Please check it carefully and click "Confirm" if you're satisfied.

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